Villanova White Dwarf Catalog Entries

WD1401+005      SDSS          PG          
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Finding Chart (Arizona's)   Finding Chart (T.R.Marsh)

Coordinates          Spectral Class    Ref.
14 01 10   +00 35.6 (1950) DA          (1P) 
14 03 45.3 +00 21 36[2000] DA.79       (QM)N

Wide Band         V     B-V    U-B   Ref.   
                17.03pg              (1P)N

Multi Channel     v     g-r          Ref.

Stromgren         y     b-y    u-b   Ref.

SDSS   g    u-g   g-r   r-i    i-z   Ref.

Absolute mag    8.70 (QM)N

Mu    Theta   Ref.    VR0    Ref.     PI    ME Ref.

WD1401+005 Conflicting locations - Aladin image is centered on Marsh's ID while Arizona ID is the blue star directly to the right of center.