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Class of 2012

Clark,Joshua , 2012;

Kirk,Brian , 2012

Myszka,Janine, 2012;

Robertson,Jordan , 2012;

Santapaga,Thomas , 2012;

Class of 2011

Ballouz,Ronald , 2011

Conroy,Kyle , 2011

Coughlin,Jarad , 2011

Diaz,Vinicio , 2011

Villamil,Cindy , 2011

Wolfe,Aaron , 2011

Class of 2010

Datin,Kellie, VU Graduate;

McClain,Timothy , VU Graduate;;

Zimmerman,Nicole , VU Graduate

Class of 2009

Bonaro,Michael , BS Astronomy
English Teacher, South Korea

Carlisle, Camille, BA English, Astronomy Minor, MS Science Writing, MIT
Editorial Assistant, Science News Magazine

Mizusawa,Trisha , BS Astronomy
Research Assistant, CalTech

Perno,Stephen , BS Math, Astronomy Minor
Operation Research Analyst, US Army Communications-Electronics Command

Plumberg,Christopher, BS Astronomy, Villanova/Eastern
Graduate student in Cosmology, University of Chicago;;

Stewart,Heather , BS Astronomy
Graduate Student, Catholic University;

Wiley,Trayer , BS Astronomy Villanova/Eastern
Graduate student Computer Science, Shippensburg University, Materials Master, Letterkenny Army Dept;

Class of 2008

Carton,Jennifer, BS Astronomy
Coder, WebAssign;

Hollon,Nicholas, BS Astronomy
Graduate student, University of Chicago;

Merritt,Jason, BS Astronomy, MS Optical Sciences University of Arizona;;

Zellem,Robert, BS Astronomy, MSc University College London
Graduate Student, Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona;;

Class of 2007

Foran,Sean, BS Astronomy
Monmouth University Campus Organizer, NJPIRG's Community Water Watch

Class of 2006

Lakatos,Sarah, BS Astronomy, MS Education George Washington University
High School Physics Teacher ;

Marcy,John, BS Astronomy, MS Applied Physics and Astronomy, Northern Arizona University
Systems Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems

Riedel,Adric, BS Astronomy
Graduate Student, Georgia State University

Stegman,Scott, BS Astronomy
Guidance and Navigation Control Engineer, Boeing Satellite Systems

Voyer, Elysse , BS
Graduate Student in Physics, Catholic University;

Class of 2005

Barron,Eric, BS Astronomy
Almanac Bureau, Naval Observatory;

Hamilton,Ryan, BS Astronomy
PhD Candidate New Mexico State University

Percy,Rebecca, BS Astronomy
Graduate Student University of Virginia, Electrical Engineering;

Urban, Joel, BS Astronomy
Measurment & Verification Engineer, Pepco Energy Services Inc

Class of 2004

Barge, Laura, BS Astronomy, PhD Geological Sciences University of Souther California
Caltech Postdoctral Scholar, Planetary Sciences Section, Jet Propulsion Laboratory;

Drescher, Joseph, 2004

Dulude, Micheal, BS, MS San Diego State University
Space Telescope Science Institute

Lesniak, Michael, BS Astronomy
Graduate Student - Department of Physics and Astronomy, Arizona Stata University

Kolb, Kelly, BS Astronomy MS, PhD (2009) - Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona
Seismic Imager, CGGVeritas, Houston, TX;

Miller [Carlberg], Joleen, BS Astronomy
Graduate Student - Department of Astronomy, University of Viginia

Class of 2003

Castora [Warren], Jessica, BS Astronomy,MS, Astronomy Department, San Diego State University
North Hampton Community College

Davis, James, BS Astronomy;

Engle, Scott, BS Astronomy
PhD Candidate, Drexel University

Tracey, Jeffrey, BS Astronomy
Astronomer, Naval Observatory

Winter, Lisa, BS, PhD University of Maryland
Hubble Fellow, Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy , University of Colorado ;

Class of 2002

Bochanski, John, BS, Phd University of Washington
Post Doc MIT;

Ferguson, Tereasa, BS
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Lyons [Sepinsky],Kelly, BS Physics and Astronomy
Wyalusing Area High School Teaching Physics and Computer Science

Night [Pilman], Christopher B., BS
Phd Candidate, Harvard University

Sepinsky, Jeremy, BS, Phd Northwestern University
Asst. Professor, Scranton University;

Class of 2001

DePasquale, Joseph, BS
Data Specialist-Chandra X-Ray Observatory Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Henry-Reiche, Colleen , BS Astronomy, Ph.D Atmospheric Science, Perdue University
Weather Sensing Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Nadalin, Ira, BS

Stump, Michael, BS Astronomy, M.Ed Kutztown University
Retail Sales and Rental and Internet Radio;

Class of 2000

DiTuro, Paul, BS
PhD candidate in Physics Rutgers University

Class of 1999

Anselowitz [Vasquez], Tara, BS
Science Teacher Burn Brae Academy

Bambeck, Daniel, BS
Graduate Student at Montana State, Dept. of Physics

Slevinsky, Richard, BS MA(Mathematics)
Lockeed Martin

Stys, David J., BS Astronomy, MS Sports Management, University of Massachusetts
Vice President of Product Development, Turnkey Sports and Entertainment

Class of 1998

Margheim, Steven, BS, PhD Indiana University at Bloomington
Science Fellow at Gemni Observatory, La Serena Chile

Matthews [Slevinsky], Karen, BS, MA(Mathematics)
Lockheed Martin

Class of 1997

Fabian, Dirk, BS, MS(University of Wisconsin at Madison )
Student Services Lead, SPIE

Guerin, Kenneth, BS, MS Technology Mangement, University of Pennslyvania
Systems Engineer Lockheed Martin;

Jay, Erich J., BS, MA(Mathematics)

Mahler, Todd, MS Harvard
VP Product Development, Six Red Marbles, Cambridge MA;

Maley, Jamison, BS, MA(Wesleyan)
Instructor of Physics,Haverford School

Morgan, Nicholas (1997), Phd (MIT)
Postdoctoral Associate, Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Wright, Steven, BS
Director of Product Support, SQLSentry Inc

Class of 1996

Belle, Kunegunda, BS, MS (SUNY at Stoney Brook), PhD (University of Wyoming)
Los Alamos National Laboratories;

Marshall, James, BS, MS, PhD (University of Maryland)
Senior Staff Scientist, INNOVIM;

Nguyen, Quyen [Hart], BS, MS San Diego State University, PhD University of Colorado
Asst Professor, Regis University

Class of 1995

Abbott, Brian, BS Astronomy MS (University of Toledo)
Manager, Digital Universe, Hatden Planetarium and Dept of Astronomy and Astrophysics, American Museum of Natural History;

Pomerance, Brian, BS
USN -- Naval Officer

Scheible [Garant], Maureen, MS (Dartmouth)
Sensor Systems Engineer, MITRE Corporation;

Class of 1994

Steelman, David, BSC, MS (University of Maryland)

Class of 1993

Deeney, Bryan, BS
Web Developer, AWeber Communications

Miller, Keith, BS
PhD Candidate, Univ. of West Virginia, History of Science

Class of 1992

Ready, Christian, BS
Systems Analyst, NSite LLC;;

Thrash, Troy, BS
Program Manager, Futron Corp.

Class of 1991

Baluta, Christopher, BS, MSc Astrophysics, Penn State
Programmer/Scheduler NASA-JAXA Suzaku X-Ray telescope.

Scollick, Keith, MS (SUNY, Stonybrook)
Sr. Data Warehouse Manager, Legg Mason

Class of 1990

Class of 1989

Bergin, Edwin A., Jr., PhD (University of Massachusettes)
Faculty, Department of Astronomy, University of Michigan

Burns, Joseph, BS
Program Manager, Engility Corp.;

Fritz, Matthew J., MS (Univ. Illinois)
Integerated Studies Lab Teacher, Crest Memorial School, Wildwood NJ

Innella, Gerald, BS
USN -- Naval Officer ??

Leckenby, Henry, BS, MS(Space Science at FIT), PhD(Physics at Michigan Technological University)
Assistant Professor, Dept of Physics Texas A&M University

Class of 1988

Carroll, Sean, PhD (Harvard)
Senior Research Associate, Physics Department, California Institute of Technology

Lallo, Matthew, BS
Lead, Observatory Support Team Space Telescope Science Institute

Class of 1987

Boyd, Patricia T., PhD (Drexel University)
Research Scientist, NASA/GSFC;

Garlow, Kevin R., BS
Information Technology Consultant

McMullin, Joseph P., PhD (U. of MD)
Scientist, NRAO, DSOC, Socorro NM 87801 ;

Class of 1986

Robinson, Craig R., PhD (Penn State)
Acting Executive Director of the National Science Board

Class of 1985

Harris, William T., BS
Astronomer, US Naval Observatory

Speranzini, Donald, MSCS (Villanova)
Director, System Engineering, Lockheed Martin Co.

Class of 1984

Dombrowski, Edmund G., PhD (Georgia St. Univ.)

Donahue, Robert A., MS/PhD (New Mexico State)
Senior Developer, WGBH Educational Foundation;

Draus, Susan A., BS
Supervisor of Receiving, The Fragrance Shop

Wacker, Scott, BS
Senior Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corp.

Class of 1983

Scarcella [Checchia], Michele, BS
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Co.

Tady, Dina , BS
Senior Professional Staff, Space Dept., Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University

Unger [Rattigan], Joan E., BS
Tech. specialist, Comp. Sci. Corp., Goddard

Valeri [Kemper], Catherine M. , BS
Systems engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin Corp.;

Class of 1982

Davis, Michael S., BS
Principal Engineer - James Webb Space Telescope: Ball Aerospace - Greenbelt, MD

Harris, Craig C., BS
Real estate investor

Lochner, James, PhD (U. of MD)
E/PO Lead, Astrophysics Division at NASA/GSFC;

Paczkowski, Brian G., BS
JPL, Galileo Mission

Weintraub (Lambert), Lori M., BS
First National Bank of MD

Class of 1981

Culman, Charles A., MSCS (Villanova)
Lockheed-Martin (Management and Data Systems) in Valley Forge;

Hart, M. K., BS
Project Manager, Spectrum Mobile

Malinowski, Edward H., BS
Systems analyst, IntegralSystems

McNamara, Brian R., PhD (U. of VA)
Professor, University of Waterloo

Seaman, Rob, BS, MS (Five Colleges)
Operations Team Lead, NOAO Data Products Program

Stoke, John, BS
ALMA Education & Public Outreach Program Officer, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, VA

Class of 1980

DiMarino, John C., BS

Fragola, Joseph L., BS
Spacecraft Electrical Test Manager, Lockheed Martin

Garhart, Matthew P., MS (Univ. Maryland)
Flight Controller, QSS Group Inc., Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

Graham, Vickie S., BS
Planetarium Director

O'Donnell, William C., BS
Johnson Space Center, Robotics Simulation

Weisenberger, Andrew, BS, MS Astronomy (U. of Florida), PhD Bio-Physics (College of William and Mary)
Group Leader - Radiation Detector and Imaging Group, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility;

Class of 1979

Tomczyk, Steven, PhD (UCLA)
Scientist, High Altitude Observatory, National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Class of 1978

Acierno, Michael J., MS (Columbia)
IT/IS Manager, Dept of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington DC

DelConte, Richard R., BS
Teacher, Cardinal Mooney HS, Rochester, NY

Lupie, Olivia L., PhD (U. of Wisconsin - Madison)
Astronomer, STScI

Young, Kevin N., MS (Drexel Univ)
Project Manager, Federal Aviation Board

Class of 1977

Geisler, Stuart, BS
Self-employed businessman, Stamp Dealer in Philadelphia

Goldschmidt, Walter C., Jr., MSE (University of Pennslyvania)
Director, Mission Success, Lockheed Martin Co. - Integrated Systems and Solutions

Routsis(Turnshek), Diane E., MS (U. of AZ)
Special Faculty, Carnegie Mellon, Lecturer, U. of Pittsburgh

Routsis, Diane E., MS (U. of AZ)
Research Associate, U. of Pittsburgh

Turnshek, David A., PhD (U. of AZ)
Professor and Department Chair, Physics and Astronomy Dept., Univ. of Pittsburgh;

Class of 1976

Bangert, John A., MS (University of Pennsylvania)
Head, Astronomical Applications Dept. US Naval Observatory;

Buckley, Joseph M., II, BS
Senior MTS, ARINC;

Casswell, Laura F., MS (U. of MD)

Giannola, Richard M., PhD (Drexel Univ.)
Atmospheric Sci. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

Karpinski, Joseph E., BS
Lead Technical Analyst, National Grid;

Rahlfs, Kurt R., BS
Owner, Technical Director, Affinity Computer Masters, LLC

Class of 1975

Besson, Morgan F., PhD (Lehigh University)
Faculty, Physics Dept, V.U.

Deitch, Greg, BS

Dougherty, Robert C., BS

Hansen, Dale K., BS
Section leader, General Foods

Harrison-Cook, Kerry E., MS Space Physics (Rice University), PhD Atmospheric Sciences (North Carolina State)
Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin

Lee, Thomas K., MA (U. of PA -- Wharton School)

Ricciardi, Anthony, BS
Manager, fin. planning and analysis, Phillip Morris

Roemer, Timothy J., BS, MS Geophysics (New Mexico State University)
Experimental physicist, Ktech Corp.

Shelton, Lawrence E., BS
Senior systems engineer, CAE-Link Corp.

Storz, Mark F., Capt., MS (U. of Colorado)
HQ Air Force Space Command, Space Analysis Center (ASAC), Peterson AFB

Class of 1974

Aiello, John J., BS
John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory;

Baliunas, Sallie L., PhD (Harvard University)
Astrophysicist at Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Ciccone, Michael A., MA (Indiana Univ.)
Special Project Coordinator, Institute for Highway Safety

D'Angelo, Richard W., BS
Spec. engineer, Boeing Aerospace

Class of 1973

Carman, Danny, BS

Hogan-Mallon, Patricia, BS

Class of 1972

Kokoszka, Daniel, MS (University of Rochester)
Senior Interest Rate Risk Consultant, WesCorp Consulting Services

Kuzma, Thomas J., PhD (Univ. of Ohio)
Research scientist, Bartelle (Deceased 1999)

Morasky, Mary A., MS (U. of Scranton)
Associate Professor, Keystone College

O'Donnell, Edward J., MS (U. of Illinois)
Site Manager, General Dynamics Electric Boat Australia, Inc.

Class of 1971

Bachman, Peter J., PhD (Penn State Education, Psy)
Montgomery County Community College

Bistline, C. W. , PhD (Drexel University) Deceased 9/2002
Assistant Professor Management, St John's University

Connell, Thomas A., MS (Univ. of Texas)
Shuttle Flight Manager - Mission Operations Directorate, NASA Johnson Space Center;

Fesen, Robert A., PhD (U. of Michigan)
Professor, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College

Class of 1970

Baloga, Stephen M., PhD (Drexel University)
President, Proxemy Research Inc

Cohane, William A., BS
Research Associate, NYU

Rothenberg,Marc, Ph.D. (Bryn Mawr)
Agency Historian, National Science Foundation

Class of 1969

Gdowik, Edward F., BS MS Physics, Drexel University
Thecnical Marketing Manager, STMicroelectronics;

Stachnik, Robert V., PhD (SUNY, Stonybrook)
Scientific Director, New Product Development, TesTex Inc. - Director, Christina River Institute;

Class of 1968

Crotty, Edward T., MS (Univ. of Texas)
LPS Faculty, Mathematics Dept, University of Pennslyvania

Plescia, Andrew, BS, MS Computer Science, USC
Manager, Platform Technologies Group, Siemens;

Simprini, Ronald A., BS, MS Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University
Director of Hardware Devlopment, Alphion Corporation

Zirpoli, Daniel, BS
Former Executive Director, Arizona Museum of Science and Technology (deceased 4/1994)

Class of 1967

Leitz, Bernard, BS

Class of 1966

Class of 1965

Hertstein, Wilbur E., BS
Supervisor, Nuclear Engineers, Mare Island Naval Shipyard